Philippine Legal Services

At Element Law Firm, PC, we provide unique and sophisticated US-Philippine legal services that help and support our international clients in both countries navigate through the complex and interconnected laws impacting their businesses, families, and/or estates.

Our team consists of legal and business experts with special expertise, capabilities, and in both countries to provide our clients with international representation and legal protection. We can help our international clients with the following matters:

  1. Philippines Visas and Immigration
  2. All Civil Matters
  3. US-Philippine Dual Citizenship
  4. Real Estates Acquisition, Protection, and Transfer
  5. Contracts, Agreements, and Various Legal Document Preparation
  6. International Estates and Succession
  7. International Taxation
  8. International Investment and International Business Transactions

We aim to support our clients with personal attention and excellent legal representation in the most cost-effective way to achieve their legal and personal goals.