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Representing Clients in All Aspects of Business Law and Commercial Litigation

Often, when individuals are considering starting a business, they focus on the products or services they will provide and their business model. However, even though business planning is essential to the growth and success of a company, having a skilled attorney is equally important.

During day-to-day events, owners can be assured that business disputes will arise at some point. These disputes can range from internal issues, such as partnership disputes, to contract disputes between management and employees. In other instances, civil litigation may arise between the company and its clients over transactional matters.

Regardless of the type of business law issue that may arise, companies must have experienced business attorneys who can help them resolve their legal issues in a timely manner.

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What Types of Legal Issues Does a Business Lawyer Handle for Clients?

Business lawyers are trained to handle numerous business-related legal issues. Some of the legal issues that business law attorneys handle can be broken down into several groups.

Business Transactions

Some common business transaction legal matters include:

  • Licensing agreements
  • Issues involving general contractors.
  • Tax planning

Business Litigation

A highly experienced business litigation attorney is imperative for any business, regardless of its operation. Some of the key complex litigation legal services provided by business attorneys include help with matters that include:

  • Civil litigation issues
  • Class action litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Unfair competition
  • Trade secrets
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Employment Law

Resolving employment issues is critical to the success of business. Business attorneys can assist clients with many employment law-related issues, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment litigation
  • Employment contracts
  • Contract dispute resolution

Business law attorneys provide other legal services, including help with real estate law, professional ethics, internal disputes, and intellectual property protection.

If you still need clarification regarding the variety of legal services that business law attorneys can provide clients, contact our Southern California law office, and ask to schedule a consultation.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Business Law Attorney?

Large or small businesses must always consider that disputes may arise that could threaten the company’s future. Having a business law attorney is the best way for any business to protect itself from lawsuits and other forms of civil litigation.

Some of the most significant benefits of hiring a business law attorney include:

  • Entity formation legal services.
  • Draft business contracts for employees, vendors, or partnership agreements.
  • Protect intellectual property such as product designs, trade secrets, and other original works that are vital to the continued success of your business.
  • Help prevent internal disputes by periodically reviewing company guidelines and policies.
  • Review all real estate matters, including leases, contracts, and other agreements.

However, one of the most considerable advantages of hiring a business lawyer is that they can help you implement policies that protect your company from potential lawsuits. In most instances, employment issues and disputes typically rank high in the factors that lead to business litigation cases.

It cannot be understated how valuable it is for businesses to have an attorney who can provide them with the legal services they need to protect their interests in complex business litigation matters.

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Can a Business Law Attorney Help Me Determine Which Type of Business Formation is Right for My Needs?

Business law attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience it takes to help start-up companies or those wishing to restructure determine which business formation is suitable for their needs. Often, start-ups fail because they have yet to work with experienced attorneys who can provide insight into what type of business structure they should use.

California business law can be confusing. For instance, many new business owners choose to create limited liability companies (LLCs) when starting out. However, there are often tax disadvantages and fees associated with an LLC, and a new business owner can quickly find themselves dealing with unnecessary legal matters that could have been prevented.

Additionally, business law attorneys can also help with the following legal services:

  • Register the new business entity with the appropriate government entities.
  • Provide business counseling to owners and management to help develop practices that meet all state and federal requirements.
  • Help smaller businesses save the costs associated with having in-house corporate attorneys.

Our skilled attorneys have in-depth experience in handling business formation matters and would be honored to assist your company with your legal needs. Contact Element Law Firm, PC, to learn how we can assist you.

Does Your Business Law Attorney Have the Experience Necessary to Help Me Resolve My Legal Issues?

Element Law Firm, PC is passionately committed to providing exceptional legal representation to clients who trust us with their business law legal needs. The staff of Element Law Firm, PC, is well respected in the Southern California legal community due to our hard work and dedication to every case.

Our law firm has represented many industries and businesses in the Southern California area and achieved successful client results. Our law firm realizes that starting a business or dealing with business-related legal issues can be overwhelming.

For this reason, our business law firm takes time to listen to our client’s needs and create customized solutions that will quickly resolve their legal matters.

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