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Element Law Firm provides creative and personalized legal solutions for your life wishes and family and business goals.

We offer blended services within these areas of expertise:

Philippine Legal Services

At Deloso Penacho Law, we provide unique and sophisticated US-Philippine legal services that help and support our international clients in both countries navigate through the complex and interconnected laws impacting their businesses, families, and/or estates.
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Outside General Counsel and Support

Many of our clients are business owners. We have been representing entrepreneurs for more than 7 years; from family-owned “mom and pop” operations to international companies with multiple locations in several countries.

Business and Family Immigration and Citizenship

The primary motivation that lead Attorney Yodel Deloso Penacho to practice immigration law is to help separated families reunite with their loved ones. At Deloso Penacho Law, we help reunite families or defend them from threats of family separation because of immigration issues so they can build their lives together in the United States.

Business Succession Planning

When starting a business, you may choose from several types of business entities. Choosing the proper business entity for your business is vital to the success of your project. One of the primary considerations in selecting a business organization is the protection of the owners of the business from liability.

Business Start up Counsel

Many of our clients are business owners. We have been representing entrepreneurs for more than 27 years; from family-owned “mom and pop” operations to large franchises and companies with multiple locations in several states.

International Estate Planning

Estate planning becomes more complicated if it involves assets or businesses in multiple countries.  And even if you don’t have assets in foreign country, estate planning can be very confusing and even scary, if you have family members outside the US whom you want to designate as trustees, attorneys in fact, or guardians to your minor children.
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Children’s Protection Planning

If you are a family with young children, then your estate plan should begin with a foundation that ensures your children would always be taken care of, no matter what happens. At Element Law Firm, one of our areas of greatest expertise in planning for and protecting your children.
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Asset Protection Planning

Divorce, inheritance, health issues, creditors, employees, theft, changing markets, malpractice suits, sexual harassment claims, natural disasters and disgruntled business partners are some of the issues that can result in devastating lawsuits for unprepared business owners. The highest level of risk falls on those who think they are immune.
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Estate, Life and Legacy Planning

Do you know what would happen to you, your loved ones, your money, if something unexpected happened to you? If you don’t have an estate plan, the state of California has a plan for you. The first step is to find out exactly what would happen, legally and financially, so that you can decide if the current state of your affairs is satisfactory.
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