How to Talk Money With Your Family Over The Holidays

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means more time to gather with family and relatives than any other time of the year. If you’ve been meaning to talk to your family about money, inheritance, end-of-life decisions, estate planning, and creating a plan for your whole family’s wealth – now and in the future […]

How to Find Work-Life Balance As A Business Owner

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It’s the end of another full day as an entrepreneur. You shut down your computer, lock up your office, and get ready to enjoy a relaxing night at home. But even though you’re off hours, your mind isn’t. Maybe you run through conversations you had during the day, brainstorm marketing ideas on a cocktail napkin, […]

How Diverse Hiring Elevates Your Business

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In the past decades, diverse hiring was mainly associated with increasing and improving employment opportunities for minority groups. While diverse hiring is still a matter of social responsibility, it’s also becoming a driving force behind business success.   In this blog, we’ll explore how diverse hiring can elevate your business, from fostering innovation to improving […]

Mastering Time Management: 4 Effective Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs – Part 1

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Time is your most valuable resource, and how you manage it can significantly impact the success of your business and your personal well-being. But finding effective ways to organize your schedule and manage your team can feel like a time-consuming task in itself.    If you feel overwhelmed by your calendar or like there is […]

You Have IP! Be Sure Not to Lose It … Here’s How

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You don’t have to own a large company to own intellectual property. If your business creates inventions, written and artistic works, designs, logos, brand names, and images, you almost certainly have intellectual property. However, because intellectual property is intangible, it’s often overlooked in your business’s succession plan and your own personal estate plan.   Even […]

Help Your Parents Avoid These New Financial Scams – Part 1

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Fraudsters and scam artists are nothing new, but changing tools and technology are making it easier than ever for scammers to target their victims, especially seniors. To protect your aging parents (or yourself) from these con artists, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the knowledge of how these scams work and what your loved ones […]